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December 6, 2015
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Tiny Pools for Tiny Houses…

I am sure by now you have seen all the Tiny House shows on HGTV and DIY etc. It seems we are a nation with the “Out with the big and in with the Tiny” philosophy. While I do not see myself living in a tiny house anytime soon. This new Tiny House rage got me thinking about what kind of pool would go with a Tiny House? Tiny Pools. Here are twelve idea’s I found online. Enjoy.

1). The Deck Pool. Water is soothing and sometime just a small amount can make you feel rejuvenated.

Tiny Pool 1


2). The Circular Plunge. I love this concrete molded round pool. Perfect for a small family, single person or a romantic couple.

tiny pool2


3). The Backyard Plunge. Watch your step when heading out back. Not sure I want to have this so close to the back door.

tiny pool3


4). Along the Wall. Running a water feature, or lap pool along the backside of your yard is a great way to extend the feel.

tiny pool4


5). The Spa Pool. Here you can see and most likely feel the spa features of this idea.

tiny pool5


6). Crystal Ball Persuasion. Perfect for the outdoor pretty. Pretty to look at.

tiny pool6


7). Extend the Back Deck. Here the back deck is extended via a small lap pool.

tiny pool7


8). The Wrap Around. This pool actually wraps around each side of the backyard.

tiny pool7


9). The Lap Pool. You can see that the Lap Pool is perfect for small spaces.

tiny pool8


10). Another Concrete Cylinder Pool. Perfect for the remote vacation hillside home.

tiny pool9


11). Snuggled in The Back. Love, love this  for its aesthetic design.

tiny pool10


12). Barn Wood Wonder. Love the deck used here is reclaimed wood.

tiny pool11

I hope this inspires you to find a way to cool down, relax and bring water to the backyard or for that matter the side yard. Wherever it fits. Just remember whether it’s a Tiny Pool or a full size pool someone needs to care for it. That’s where we come in. Let us show you how we can save you time and money using our service.





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  1. Marria says:

    Amazing ! Such a helpful guide. My kids like to spend quality time in my small backyard. That’s why i want to make a pool in my backyard for my kids entertainment. Thanks for the small backyard pool ideas.

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