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Summer Swimming Tips

Learning to Swim

Memorial Day has come and gone, marking the unofficial start of summer. Thousands of people flocked to the shore, area lakes, or pools to enjoy the long weekend. Before you or your family take that first dip in the water, make sure you’re up to speed on potentially life-saving swimming safety tips:

  • Don’t Swim Alone: Never let your child swim by him or herself. Whenever possible, select swimming pools, lakes, and beaches that have lifeguards, and only swim in the hours they are posted. When swimming in the ocean, be aware of rip currents and high tides that can make swimming difficult for even the most experienced swimmers.


  • Wear Proper Gear: Equip your children with life jackets. Inflatable toys such as swimmies or inner tubes can easily deflate or pop and are not manufactured to be life-saving devices.


  • Swimming Lessons: Enroll your children in formal swimming lessons at your local YMCA or pool. Swimming lessons are great exercise, and will help your children be confident swimmers.


  • Learn CPR: If a child has drowned or been under water for an extended period of time, every second matters in the revival process. Waiting for paramedics to arrive takes costly minutes. Your CPR skills could make difference in someone’s life. Check out your local American Red Cross chapter for information on classes to become CPR certified.


  • Install Pool Fences: Install a fence around your pool that is at least four feet high to prevent toddlers and children from walking into the pool area and accidently drowning. Make sure the latch on the gate is secure and out of the reach of curious hands.


  • Avoid Alcohol: Oftentimes vacations and drinking go hand in hand. However, avoid alcohol both before and during swimming, boating, jet-skiing, etc., and if you are in charge of supervising children who are swimming.

Stay safe this summer and enjoy your pool. NBWS offers year round pool service taking the hassle of upkeep away from you so you and your family can enjoy more family time and less maintenance time.



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