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December 30, 2013
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Reduce PG&E Bill With an Efficient System

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As Spring approaches and the swim season begins, it would be a ideal time to clean your filter and make sure your filter is ready for the season ahead. There are three types of filter systems Sand filters, Cartridge filters, and Diatomaceous Earth (D. E.) filters.  Properly maintaining your swimming pool’s filter system will help to insure high quality swimming water.

Sand filters systems have an approximate life of 15-20 years.  The sand should be changed about every 3-5 years.  Sand filters need to be back-washed every 3-4 months using a backwash solution. We recommend 10-12 hours of continuous filtration daily during the swim season for sand filters.

Cartridge filter systems have an approximate life of 15-20 years.  The cartridge itself has a life of about 3-5 years.  Yet, they should be replaced when there are any holes, or the cartridghas become fluffy.  The O-ring needs to be replaced every 3 years.  Cartridge filters need to be cleaned at least every 6 months.  During the swim season,cartridge filters need to be operated continuously for 8-10 hours daily.Energy-Star

Diatomaceous Earth (D. E.) filter systemshave an approximate life of 20 years.  The grids have a life of about 5-8 years.  However the grids should be replaced when there are any rips or holes in the fabric.  Also any cracked or damaged manifolds need to be replaced.  The O-ring needs to be changed every 3 years.  D. E. filters should be cleaned every 6 months; we do provide free 10 pound bags of D. E. for our customers upon request.  D. E. Filters should be operated continuously for 6-8 hours daily during the swim season.

Some filter tanks are made of stainless steel and should be checked for splits in the lip of the top and bottom of the tank.  We do clean filters upon request, or as a customer, you can request to be placed on our 6-montfilter-cleaning program.  Both of which include an equipment inspection.


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