Extend the Life of Your Heater

Extend the Life of Your Heater  *


  Manufactures of pool & spa heaters recommend having them serviced annually.  It will insure safe, efficient operation, and can help extend the life of your heater.  Over the course of a year the burner trays get dirty, spiders can create webs that congest gas lines, and the interior can gather quite a bit of debris.  Parts will also begin to corrode & deteriorate, if caught early enough the parts can be cleaned.  Our Repair Dept. can perform this service as requested.  A heater service call includes:


  • Cleaning the Interior of all Debris


  • Cleaning the Burner Tray (some may need to be removed)


  • Check for Deterioration & Corrosion

* Clean or remove if possible


  • Check Gas Pressure & All Electronic Functions


  • Test Heater Operation


Most heaters have a safety feature that shuts the heater down when there is not enough water pressure.  So it is important to make sure your filter has been cleaned before firing the heater up for the season as well.  For any questions or to scheduled a service call please call our office at


Thank you

Phil Stocke

Service Manager