NBWS – Weekly Pool Service in Dixon Ca.

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June 3, 2014
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NBWS – Weekly Pool Service in Dixon Ca.


Pool Service in Dixon -This summer has started out with higher than typical temperatures. This hot weather can create problems for swimming pools even when a routine swimming pool maintenance program is followed. Two of the most common pool problems that pool owners experience this time of year are cloudy water and algae.   150_NBWS_Photoshoot_312


Treating Cloudy Water in Swimming Pools

The cause of cloudy water is usually either a water chemistry imbalance or poor filtration. If it is a water chemistry issue, it is usually low sanitizer (chlorine) levels or high pH levels.   If you have cloudy water and suspect that it is a water chemistry problem, simply test the water and treat as recommended or better yet, take a pint of your pool water to a professional pool store and they will be glad to analyze your pool water and recommend treatment.

Poor filtration can also cause cloudy water.  This could be as simple as excessive debris in a pump basket or skimmer basket, poor water circulation due to a dirty filter, or it could possibly be a problem with your filter.  There are three common filters used on swimming pools—Sand, D.E. (diatomaceous earth), and Cartridge. Depending on the type of filter that you have, the following filter problems can occur:


Sand filter – Your sand should be replaced every 3-5 years.  If you are unable to clear up cloudy water and have not changed the sand in several years, it is suggested that you change it.

D.E. filter – You could have a torn D.E. filter grid, which allows D.E. to enter the pool, causing cloudy water.  Disassemble your filter and check the filter grids for holes or the filter manifold for cracks.

Cartridge filter – You could have a torn or old cartridge—either situation calls for filter replacement.

Treating Algae in Pools Laffayette Green Pool Before

Most algae can be prevented and can usually be blamed on low sanitizer (chlorine) levels.  It is much easier and less expensive to prevent algae than it is to treat it.  Many pool owners in the Dixon area use North Bay Water Service (NBWS) as a weekly preventive measure. Weekly chemical service is only $54/ month. This, along with brushing the pool regularly, is very effective in preventing algae.

There are several types of algae that are common in this area.  They are as follows:

  1. Green algae—is either free-floating or attaches itself to the pool surface.
  2. Yellow (or mustard) algae—usually found in low flow areas of the pool.
  3. Black (or blue-green) algae—forms a root system which makes it difficult to remove.

Treatment varies with each one of these types of algae, but it usually consists of increasing the sanitizer level, using an algaecide, and brushing the pool.

The best long term solution to cloudy water is to find out what is causing it and take care of the problem.  In the short term, however, there are water clarifiers available that remove particulate matter, which could clear the pool.  Clarifiers coagulate particles so that they become large enough to fall out of solution and be trapped by the filter.  There are many pool owners who use a clarifier on a regular basis to prevent cloudy water.  This is especially recommended during this time of year, when cloudy water might keep you from enjoying your pool safely.

Day 3.. Pool is now full of water and looking as good as new! Who's ready for a swim?

Day 3.. Pool is now full of water and looking as good as new! Who’s ready for a swim?




If you are struggling with hot weather pool care and need some help — Call North Bay Water Services Inc.(also known as NBWS). We are a family owned and operated swimming pool service and repair company that has been serving Dixon and the surrounding areas since 1981. Our number is 800-448-0362.













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