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February 24, 2014
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Inspiring Swimming Pool Ideas..

Two Great Reasons to Construct a Backyard Pool: Physical Therapy and Stress Relief

Infinity Edge Spool



How’s this for stress relief? This Infinity edge spa and putting green combo would be a great addition to your backyard overlooking incredible views of the city or golf course! If your yard is large enough to build a full size pool, go for it! I’ll recommend a great Pool Service & Repair company that will make sure you do nothing except relax and enjoy your pool. You may not think that you need to be told the benefits of swimming.  After all, everyone knows that swimming is a great form of aerobic exercise and can help you develop long, lean muscles. Plus, there’s nothing quite so relaxing as lounging by a pool and going in for an occasional dip.

Still, people seem to think that pool construction and  pool maintenance is an unnecessary expense and opt for just creating gardens instead.  A garden can be a great place to lounge and admire your handiwork, but a pool will not only help you get in shape, it can help to cure many ailments.

Pools for Physical Therapy

Often, people undergoing some form of physical therapy are told to do stretches and exercises in a pool.  This is because the pressure of the water makes you more buoyant.  You move slowly and all the shock is absorbed by the water.  If you were to do jumping or running motions on land, your knees and joints would definitely feel the shock.  But when these motions are done in water, you’re sparing your joints the wear and tear you would have caused them on land.  This is why a pool is great if you have any kind of joint problems.

And although you might feel reluctant to get in the water in a public pool where you’ll have to go through all your exercises in front of an audience, a pool in your backyard will give you the privacy you need to do as much or as little as you want on a certain day.  You can move at your own comfort level.

Pools for Stress Relief

Water resistance is also great to help you get all those kinks out of your body after a long day at the office.  Nowadays, people sit for long periods of time at their computers which can lead to backache and a general feeling of fatigue.  Stretching it out in the water will help you to relax your body completely, which in turn is soothing for the mind as well.  Since your body is more flexible in water, you’ll find yourself stretching more and strengthening all your muscles, including those in your back.  This leads to a good night’s sleep and more energy the next day.


Make Every Day a Day at the Beach

creative beauty

Many families enjoy a day at the beach. The sun, the sand and the ocean help create memories that last a lifetime, or at least that’s what we see in movies or on television. However, it’s not always as perfect as it may seem. Finding the perfect day to go when everyone is available, lugging everything you need into the car and then down to the shore, and crowds can make the day a little less perfect. With a great pool service you can make every day a day at the beach right in your own backyard.


Having a pool in your backyard is very nice but imagine having a pool that includes a backyard barbecue and kitchen area, a sound system and waterfall, or even a Koi pond and fireplace!

With your own backyard resort, you won’t have to worry about the perfect weather to go swimming since you can simply step outside and enjoy your new pool any time you like. You won’t have to deal with crowds, carrying everything you need around with you or loading up the car. Instead, you can focus on having a great time with family or friends any time you want.

You’ve worked very hard to build your dream yard and we want to ensure that you get the best pool service experience there is. If you want to learn more simply contact us so we can help you enjoy the perfect backyard pool experience!

How about a swim up bar?

Swim-up bars make it possible to enjoy a drink or snack without getting out of the pool. For years they have been a popular hang out at tropical resorts and recently they have gained popularity in residential backyards.

A swim-up bar is right for you if:  VRBO with swim up barBN-BC779_0116pp_M_20140115185432
  • You are looking to create a resort setting in your own backyard
  • You enjoy entertaining in a relaxed fashion
  • You have kids that spend a lot of time in the pool

Saving Space with a Swim-Up Bar
“Most people don’t realize that one of the major benefits of a swim-up bar is that they save space,” says Sivgals. A swim-up bar requires the cook center be placed directly next to the swimming pool. “Linking the two features eliminates the need for additional open space for circulation and seating,” he adds. However, he cautions that when opting for a swim-up bar you lose potential space that could be used for amenities and storage.

Seat & Counter Height
When installing a swim-up bar, the height of the seat and counter are crucial. Typically, swim-up bars are placed in shallow areas with 30 to 42 inches of water. It’s said, “The seat should be designed and built at a height that is comfortable for sitting and allows the person to remain partially submerged in the water.” The countertop should be high enough to provide sufficient knee room. As a general rule of thumb, it is recommended to place a swim-up bar counter 6 inches above the pool’s coping.

A swim-up bar must be accessible from within the water and from the cooking area on the other side of the counter. This way people out of the pool can provide food and drinks, as well as socialize with those sitting at the swim-up bar. “We set the floor of our cook centers 12 inches below grade to account for the low height of a swim-up bar,” Sivgals explains. This makes it possible for a regular chair to be pulled up to the dry side of the swim-up bar.

What kind of pool would you build?

 Please share your thoughts below…



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