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June 27, 2014
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Cool pools you can dip your toes in…

It never seizes to amaze me the styles and many designs we see out and about in our weekly pool service. I thought I would take a moment and share some really cool pools I love and think offer inspiring idea’s for your next dream pool build…


1. Cool Blue Pool

modern clean lines

For all the cold, hard lines that contemporary design creates, the use of shallow water pools really bring an elemental energy to dwellings and blur the line between indoor/outdoor spaces

2). Who’s ready for the BBQ

Time to BBQ

Now this is my idea of summer fun. Backyard BBQ with my toes in the pool.

3). Water park in your backyard

Water Park in backyard

Ok, so it’s not just your toes going into this pool, you’ll probably want to bring your but with you.  What a fun surprise for this pool.

4). Niagara Falls in the Backyard

uhm, so much water

Now this is an amazing way to visit Niagara Falls without leaving the state. Just put it in your backyard.  Lots going on here. Infinity edge pool, waterfalls, bridges and koi pond.

5). Movie Night

Movie night

Bring the sleeping bags, tents, and all the pool lounges as this is an ideal way to spend a Friday night with friends, and family enjoying a movie in the water and under the stars.

I hope you enjoy these pools and find inspiring ways to use the ideas found here to create your own oasis. It’s hot out there and right now is the best time to be dippin’ those toes in the water.  Let us know your favorite in our comments section below.


  1. i am interested in how you protect the tv above the outdoor fireplace from damage from water and heat (weather)? looks great!!

    • Tracy says:

      you can have a vinyl covering or bag made for the TV that slides over it and zips up at the bottom you may have to have it modified for the TV bracket and wiring behind but this will incase the TV in a moisture proof covering to help give longevity to the electrical component outside. much like outdoor couch cushions have covers!

  2. Kathryn Gibson says:

    Thank you so much for sharing!!!!!

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