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Breathtaking Natural Swimming Pools

The Natural Way to Cool Off Natural Pool 1

When managed properly, natural swimming pools have crystal-clear water and require no chemicals to maintain because they are self-cleaning mini-ecosystems.The natural pools designer says the systems also have lower maintenance costs than conventional pools, and their installation costs are not much more than standard designs.

How Do NSP’s Work?

Natural Swimming Pools (NSPs) are built to operate using the same biological principles and functions that Mother Nature uses to clarify and purify natural bodies of water like ponds, streams and lakes. An NSP is a living system which provides the conditions for an ideal mix of beneficial microorganisms; the water is not sterilized or disinfected in any chemical or mechanical way.

The human body relies on microbes for many aspects of health. In fact, the human body is 90% microbial cells! This begs the question, “Is it really necessary or even in our best interest to kill all of the microbes in recreational bathing water?” While it is a personal decision to swim in sterile or all-natural water, hopefully the video below will help you understand the importance of our microbe friends and the advantages of all-natural swimming and bathing water.

A Natural Swimming Pool consists of deep water, shallow, and marginal zones. In each of these zones are carefully selected aquatic plants which help with the cleaning of the pool. These plants are bedded in gravel and other special aggregates. Water from the swimming area is pumped through these biological and botanical filters so that microorganisms and other small life forms become permanently embedded and help to clarify and purify the water. Our patented, eco-friendly constructed wetlands technology is used to enhance and optimize Mother Nature’s natural processes.

The basis of this biological cleaning process is the use of aquatic plants in connection with a proven and patented biological filtration and hydraulic system. By mechanically circulating the water using controlled, directed flow through the regeneration zones, impurities are broken down the way Nature intended without the use of harmful chemicals. The surface water is cleaned with the help of skimmers and overflow gutters.


BioNova® has set the milestones in technological developments for NSPs. The “swimming” and “regeneration” zones in the Natural Swimming Pool can be united, or the regeneration zone can be either partially or completely separated from the swimming area of the pool. Typically, one half of the pool is for swimming and the other half is for regeneration and cleaning. Through the use of special skimmers and the downstream biological fine filter, the natural cleaning effect is enhanced.

The design of the separated regeneration zone allows it to function like a natural reservoir for the biological cleaning process. Typically, very small energy-efficient pumps run 24/7 for the operation of the biological system and sometimes auxiliary pumps are used for additional cleaning cycles at intervals throughout the bathing season. Overflow gutters can be replaced by skimmers that operate independent of the water level. Because of the variety of construction options, you can design a Natural Swimming Pool that realizes your dreams for both aesthetics and functionality, and we can offer a solution adapted to your budget.

BioNova®’s many years of successful experience in the design and construction of residential and large scale public Natural Swimming Pools means that we offer a reasoned and mature approach to this exciting technology. This gives BioNova® a genuine advantage when considering the design and construction of a residential Natural Swimming Pool in your backyard.

Across the Pond   cwr-base-lgn

Based in Bristol in the United Kingdom, Clear Water Revival makes some of the most appealing, sparkling, drool-worthy natural pools anywhere. The company’s goal is to bring back an essence of Victorian England, with modern understanding of science and ecology. The gorgeous pools can even replace some of the ecological functions lost with the vast destruction of wetlands, particularly in the form of habitat for plants.

Clear Water Revival tends to focus its natural pool designs around maximizing biodiversity and the educational value of the space, creating a very natural look and feel. There are a number of options offered, from simple clay linings to more advanced systems. Customers can even order DIY kits.

Clear Water Revival works with a network of partners across the UK, and also offers renewable energy systems for pool heating and homes. The company has partnered with the Aqua Viva group of Austria and Germany in many of its pool designs, allowing for high efficiency systems. Affected pools can function well with fewer plants and only 20% of the area taken up by the regeneration zone (50% is more common).

Aqua Viva systems have long-term filtration, with little maintenance needed, a unique substrate for plants and several advanced pumps and skimmers. The result is a lot of clean, healthy pool in a small space, if needed.





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