Backyard Inspiration and Amazing Pools that go with them.

March 26, 2014
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April 3, 2014
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Backyard Inspiration and Amazing Pools that go with them.

Taken from our pinterest page we decided we would share some backyard inspiration. We maintain hundreds of pools each week. And as such, we come across amazing idea’s for making your backyard a memorable, entertaining and delightful spot.  Here are a few of our favorites.

Cool Backyards

The Country Setting…

We love this backyard nestled in the Napa Valley and surrounded by vineyards, you feel right at home with a glass of wine and friends.

Cool Backyards1

Sleek & Modern

Love, love, love this… Feel much like a hotel. Check the fire pit out and how it runs along the whole stretch…

Cool Backyards2

Green Belt & water front

How bad do you want to nestle into that over-sized stuffed chair and just fall asleep?  The sounds of the ocean and the green belt view make this a stunning backyard.

Cool Backyards3

Tahoe Inspired

While not actually in Tahoe, this backyard will make you feel as though you have arrived.  Love the rustic feel of the furniture and the uniquely built pergola that covers the sitting area.

Cool Backyards4

Cool Retreat

Not all our client’s have pools. Some like this one have giant ponds, the sound of running water, and the view calm you on a relaxing day. This is spa therapy at its best.

Cool Backyards5

Ultimate TV Room

What you do’t see to the right and in front of the sitting area is a huge outdoor TV. Perfect for games, races, or movie nights. Invite the neighborhood over and watch your friends grow…

Cool Backyards6

Tropical Paradise

Found this one on our travels and if I could set-up shop and make this my second home (No we are not that rich), I would be in heaven. We like to refer to this as the sneak peek.

hot tub1

Hot Tub Fun

What backyard property would be complete without a spa?  Not this one.  This is one of the most amazing spa’s we’ve come across.  You can see the pool in the distance, the fireplace bring everything together in the masterpiece.

Which is your favorite? Tell us below.


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