Back in the pool with a swim interval workout

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Back in the pool with a swim interval workout

Swimming is an awesome way to stay fit and healthy. There is a low stress on your bones, which makes it better than running, the water resistance is enough to give your body a full work out and evenly distribute the work. This all adds up to the end result being an amazing tone body.  Here is a great workout to jump start your future amazing body.


  • Swim a warm-up and then six 50’s alternating 25 yards/meters of a non-free stroke (i.e. backstroke, butterfly or breaststroke) and then 25 yards/meters of freestyle. Rest 15 second between each 50.
  • For the next set, you are going to swim 6 100’s with descending stroke counts. The purpose of this set is to increase the efficiency of your stroke. Lower stroke count = more efficient swimmer.
  • Swim the first 100 normally and count the number of strokes that it takes you to swim the length of the pool. For the second 100, try to decrease the number of strokes from your previous set. For example, if it takes me 12 strokes to swim the length of the pool for my first 100 rep, for my second 100 rep, I want to try to swim each length of the pool with less than 12 strokes. Same for the third 100. Then, repeat this again, starting over with your fourth 100 at a normal stroke rate and decreasing your stroke rate for your fifth and sixth 100. To make it easy on myself, I usually count the number of strokes I take with my right arm rather than trying to count right-left-right-left.
  • Next, you will swim a pull set (4 x 150) using a pull buoy. These are leg floats that you place between your legs which forces you to use only your arms to swim. PS I love pull sets.
  • The last set is 4 75’s. You will swim 25 yards/meters slow, then 25 yards/meters fast and finish the 75 with 25 yards/meter slow again. For the next rep, you will start with 25 yards/meters fast, followed by 25 yards/meters slow, and ending with 25 yards/meters fast again.





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