Client Testimonials

Great Service & a customer since 1987!!!

Marilyn Budde



North Bay Water Services has the best maintenance & repair Dept. whatever problem I have with my pool; Curt makes sure it is taken care of. Thank you North Bay.

Stormy Burton
(Vacaville and on service since 1996)

NBWS is efficient and professional!

Harold A. Jones
(Vacaville & on service since 2003)


I have used NBWS since my pool was installed 12 years ago. Your customer service has been excellent.

Jan Larsen.
(Vacaville & on service since 1994)

The service of NBWS has been Great!!

Ken McKendry
(Benicia & on service since 2005)



My pool has been crystal clear and clean since using NBWS!

Ken Stimart
(Vallejo & on service since 2003)



Over twenty years of service with NBWS speaks for itself.

Phil Plant,
(Vacaville & on service since 1988)

My pool and my home are in professional hands. I never worry about either with your service. Thanks for another year of great service #12!

Vi LaQuay
(Vacaville, on service since 1994)


NBWS is reliable!

Lil Marie Birr
(Fairfield & on service since 2004)


NBWS has always been friendly, courteous and professional with all my pool needs and services, particularly Curt!

Paul Costa
(Benicia, on service since 1998)

Crystal clear water everyday, all year long!

Gail Penebaker
(Dixon, since 2002)
My pool is crystal clear thanks to NBWS!
Donna Jenkins
(Vallejo, on service since 2003)

Good services you can depend on and they’re nice too! Susan Martinez

(Vallejo, on service since 1989)


We have been very pleased with NBWS service for the past 15+ years.

David Storrs
(Vacaville, on service since 1994)


They do a great job—my pool has been sparkling clear for the past 11 +years .

Marc Gutierres
(Fairfield, on service since 1995)


I have had this service for several years with no problems. Great Service.

Jeanne Moffit
(Vacaville, on service since 1992)

We have always had wonderful service from North Bay Water for many years. Curt, the General Manage is wonderful. He always solves any problems we may have promptly and cheerfully. I recommend this company highly.

Carolyn Infante
(Rutherford, on service since 1986)


NBWS has serviced my pool for over 10 years. They are reliable, knowledgeable and courteous.

Peggy Klick
(Napa, on service since 1995)




We have been with NBWS for over 20 years. They have been wonderful in keeping us informed about our pools condition and in helping us in maintaining it. Thank you NBWS you guys are great!! Elizabeth del Carmen

(Dixon, on service since 2000)
NBWS has consistently provided prompt, professional, friendly service!
Rick & Trish Slizaski
(Benicia, since 2004)


We were out of town and our 18 year old was “house-sitting”. He called to let us know “The pool has no water!!” I called Curt and he took charge of the situation. He called our son and asked him questions & explained to him what to do. I will be forever grateful for Curt’s quick action during this time. By the way, he also called us to keep us updated. Thanks NBWS,

Susan White
(Napa, on service since 1999)



Prompt, timely quiet service- Thank you,

Jim Barnes
(Fairfield, on service since 1996)

The best in the business. I can always count on NBWS, Thank you!

Maria Cisneros
(Napa, on service since 2000)



When I was looking for a professional pool service – not only did I find on, but a very personalized professional service. NBWS does an excellent job!! Thanks also to the person doing the job weekly.

Tess Zafra
(Vallejo, on service since 2002)


North Bay Water Services has the best customer service in the area. They are very helpful.

Susan & Jim Howard
(Fairfield, on service since 1993)


We have used nbws for many years. We find their service very satisfactory.

George & Pat Calhoun
(Napa, on service since 2002)


I have been with NBWS for years and they are an outstanding Co and very reasonable priced!

Jo Anne Fay
Napa since 1984


A great job all the time!!!

Jaime Moraces
Vallejo since 2004


NBWS provides excellent service and their employees are professional, courteous and knowledgeable!

Ken Adams, Vacaville since 1999


Very good service & dependable!

Darwin Rasmussen
Fairfield, on service since 2002

Thank you for all you help – Your staff is wonderful!!

Karen Kennedy
(Napa, on service since 2005)

Our pool always looks fresh and clean. It is beautiful!

Curtis & Either Frolich
(Vallejo, on service since 2003)


We’ve had wonderful service from North Bay Water for the last 13 years!!!

The D. Lynds
Vacaville since 1997

We have been customers for over 10 years and have always been very pleased with services. Thank you very much,

Walter Meyers
Suisun on service since 1995

We have been a satisfied customer for about 7 years.

Robert L. Johnson
Vacaville on service since 1999

Extremely responsive and cost effective service. Regular as clockwork!

 Norm Meier
Fairfield & on service since 2005

For eighteen years very reliable and satisfactory services. Guido & Rosetta Colla

Fairfield, on service since 1988

Best Service – Great Company.

Bob & Mardell Powell
Vacaville, on service since 2005

Our pool has never looked better. We love your service! Kerry & John Whitney

Napa & on service since 2005


NBWS is an absolutely outstanding company. Dedicated to quality service and first-rate customer satisfaction. I highly recommend them to provide exceptional service!

Cheri Barriau Fike
Vacaville, on service 1984

As a customer for the past three years, North Bay Water Services, Inc. continues to provide monthly chemical service that I can always rely on!

L. O’Connor
Vacaville, on service since 2002

Very dependable—Always on schedule, Rain or Shine!

Joan Nunly
Napa and on service since 1991

NBWS is the BEST! Great customer service! I’ve been with them for years. Curt has helped me every time I called. I would never switch services!

Gail & Randy Larson
Benicia (since 1999)

A friend recommended NBWS service when the pool was new 15 years ago and we have been thoroughly satisfied! Frank Humpert

Napa (since 1988)


1. Your company demonstrates safe work practices when operating, fooling and equipment in a safe manner and following all safety rules. 2. Your company establishes and maintains cooperative relationships and treats all customers and other with respect and courtesy. 3. Your company identifies key issues and analyses appropriate information to get the job done. Thank you NBWS !

Oscar Elias Medrano
Vacaville (since 2000)

It’s nice not to have to worry about the chemicals in our pool. NBWS does a great job!

Kathy & Barry Rotwitt
Napa (since 1986)

20 years of excellent service. We highly recommend NBWS!

Sandra Miller
Napa (since 1995)

Customer satisfaction guaranteed!

Moses W. Broussard
Fairfield (since 2002)


Lenora R. Traylor
Vallejo (1995)

Our pool always looks fresh and clean. It is beautiful!

Curtis & Either Frolich
Vallejo (since 2003)


The service is great!

Herman Navarro
Vacaville (since 1994)

NBWS is helpful, responsive and very consistent. They have been servicing my pool for 17 years now.

Karen Purdum Ellem
Vacaville (since 1995)

NBWS have serviced my pool for more than 15 years. I’ve been quite satisfied.

Kathy Cruice
Vacaville (since 1990)

We have been a NBWS customer since 1996—Wouldn’t switch!

Gloria Celli-Niccoli
Our service is Excellent. We love NBWS!!
Helen V. McCusker
Fairfield (since 1991)
Excellent and friendly service.
Lisa Pimentel
Vacaville (since 1993)

With NBWS, we never have to worry about our pool.

Barry Fredenbury
Fairfield (since 1989)

For over a decade, North Bay Water has provided the best service for money spent of any of our monthly expenses.

Candace Hammond
Napa (since 1994)
Great Service !
Matilde Woolworth
Napa (since 2001)


We tried another company – Glad to be back with NBWS! THE BEST!

Robert Meyer
Vacaville (since 1996 was only gone 3 months)

Gabe, our technician, is always on time, friendly and helpful. Gives me peace of mind about my pool.

Alice I Constantine
Vacaville (since 1990)

We are completely satisfied with the service NBWS provide! Nathan Seiger

Napa ( since 2005)

For years, NBWS has taken the worry and trouble out of keeping our pool chemically correct, Thanks!

Gerry J. Patten
Benicia (since 1986)

We have always had a “Sparkling clear” pool and excellent customer service for over 8 years.

Dale Pfeiffer
Vacaville ( since 2001)

What a great relief to have a pool that is in tip top shape for our lovely grand children and family.

Carol Howard
Vallejo (since 1991)

You have great workers, always prompt. When there are problems, youalways leave a note or call. Awesome!!!

Connie L. Page
Napa (since 1991)

We never have to think about our pool, it always is crystal clear!

Jim & Terra Borges
Napa (since 1997)

Absolutely dependable!

Pam Burrell
Vacaville (since 1998)

North Bay has serviced our pool since it’s installation in 1992—always a job well done!

John & Sher Kamerzell
NBWS has always been very efficient & professional in all of their services.
Linda Pace
Fairfield (since 2000)

The pool looks great and we don’t have to think about it! Pattie Bradford

Napa (since 1996)

Great service, Great Staff, always keeping customer informed on new pool equipment and products.

Mary Adams
Vacaville (since 2000)

We really love having a clear pool all year – never cloudy and we don’t have to check the balance because you do it!

Dennis & Nancy Becker
Napa (since 1995)

North Bay Water Services is the BEST! Knows their business and does it very professionally. Service is awesome!

The Fortunato’s
Vallejo, (since 2002)

Your service is great! Makes my life a LOT easier.

K. Chandler
Vallejo Ca (since 1996)

Our pool & spa always look great—Very consistent, reliable service.

R. Caywood
American Canyon (since 2004)

Outstanding Service! Well worth the monthly fee. No hassle- Beautiful results!

Robert & Marily Luna


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